Pro Nashville Demo Singers

Note: It may take a minute or 2 to load all the singers playlists, but below you will find a sampling of some of the best demo singers/pro vocalists in Nashville. We can hire any singer that you may have worked with in the past, or know of in Music City. If would like to hire someone is not on this page, please contact us about her or him. If you have their contact information it will be very helpful. We are still adding singers to this page so keep checking back! The pricing for different singers will vary according to their rates. We will inform you if their price point exceeds any of our packages that include the vocalist.

Random Listing Order for our Vocalists
You will note that every time the page is refreshed, the the order of vocalists in the list changes. We’ve done this deliberately so not to show any favoritism. All of our vocalists are stand-outs and unique in their our right. Once our clients visit this page more often, they will become more familiar with whom they believe will fit their different song material best. The song placement and who in the industry it is being pitched to, is always a moving target. That is why we shuffle the deck every time this page is visited.

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