Vocal Coaching with Dave Demay

Get coached by a nationally recognized vocalist who has performed on major TV networks and in the studio throughout his life. Every singer has different needs in unique areas. Learn to use your voice properly, and understand what it takes to be an artist in the studio. Dave Demay has vast studio experience as a producer and engineer. So who better to coach and guide you to becoming the best and most unique YOU that you can be in these environments?

You can receive one-on-one vocal training and coaching in person or via Skype from Dave Demay. You may have already heard Dave’s vocal ability or read on the ‘About‘ page regarding Dave’s appearance on TV winning the 1989 Male Vocalist Grand Championship on Ed McMahon’s Star Search, which was essentially the ‘American Idol’ of the 80’s and 90’s. They re-ran Dave’s episodes for 5 years after his win. Since then he has been an accomplished studio vocalist and artist in his own right, but has put his focus more on production and artist development.

Over the years Dave has studied different vocal coaching techniques and over time, while coaching other singers in the studio during recording sessions, he has created his own unique exercises and training approach that he has noticed are missed by many other coaching techniques. Dave tailors the training to each individual according to their particular needs or level, focusing on their strong points and even creating custom exercises to help with unique weak points. He has a unique way of explaining things that helps you visualize what you need to do to use your voice properly. You learn to know how to ‘feel’ when you’re singing correctly or not.

If you’re interested in private vocal training, know someone who may be seeking good coaching, or if you need in-studio vocal guidance or coaching while laying your vocal on an important recording project, then please share this page, or feel free to contact us through our contact link and we’ll get right back with you to discuss how we can best serve you and your ever improving quest to be the best singer can be.

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Dave Demay more than 25 years ago on Star Search with Ed McMahon

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